There are various institutes which are under the command of the president and vice president of SNU. Among these, there is a department for supporting faculty members. Office of International Affairs (OIA) is attached to this department and SSA belongs to OIA

SSA in itself

Since its establishment in 2005, there has been 96 members in SSA. Members of each cycle needs to work as “acting members” for two semesters. After participating for this term, acting members become “alumni” as members of new cycle are recruited. Now 24 students in cycle 5 and 6 are working as acting members. (2008 2nd semester) Acting members are divided into three teams: promotion, publication, and alumni. Each team deals with specific affairs.
Among acting members, there is “council” which consists of 5 people. The council is mainly responsible for leading the regular meeting of SSA, but each members of council has different duties.

Information DirectorThe Information Director(ID) will mainly be in charge of the SSA meetings and the data created by the organization. ID will be solely in charge of the schedules of council meetings, periodic discussions, and above all, the weekly report. The ID will contact each and every SSA to confirm an optimal date to conduct the aforementioned meetings. In addition, ID is responsible for contacting OIA.
Event Director The Event Director(ED) is in charge of the preparation, execution and after action reviews of each SSA event. The ED is also in charge of the blueprint of each SSA-led event, including the master plan and time schedule for each required division. This council member will be the key individual in delegating responsibilities needed to enhance the quality and integrity of the given event. Additionally, the ED will simultaneously take the role of the treasurer, managing the SSA funds.
Promotion Director Promotion Director(PrD) is the council member responsible for all contacts and interviews with outside press. PrD will be representing the SSAs through his/her profound knowledge of the structure and activities of the organization. Additionally, PrD will supervise of the scripts for actual presentations and the speeches for all events conducted by SSAs.
Publication DirectorThe Publications Director(PubD) is the council member that overlooks the quality of all publications: leaflets, posters, banners, the Seoul Survivor, and other items, such as T-shirts, that bear the name of SSA. The PubD will endeavor to select impeccable logos, fonts, color codes, and other details that augment the image and purpose of SNU, the OIA, and most importantly, the SSAs.
Head of Protocol The Head of Protocol(HP) is the main figure in protocol activities and other official events of SNU that require the presence and assistance of the Student Ambassadors. The HP is responsible for not only providing key information for each Ambassador to successfully execute his/her assignment, but also for managing the workload of the group as a whole. The HP’s request for assistance shall be regarded as a direct delegation