About SSA

What is SSA?

“Student representatives of Seoul National University who act as a bridge to the international community”

“SSA embodies the spirit and values of Seoul National University, maintains skills in leadership, PR, communication, and professional appearance & etiquette, participates in various programs and events

The ambassadors were chosen through the Student Ambassador Program which is directly managed by the Office of International Affairs. With the mission of being a bridge for international students and aiding the foreign dignitaries and guests that visit SNU, the program is anticipated to be instrumental in bringing a more global atmosphere to SNU. Along with a wide array of academic backgrounds, no less than 13 languages are spoken among SSA. Trained to handle any situation in all circumstances, the uniformed ambassadors who are able to speak all major languages in the world will show you the SNU like you’ve never seen before.
SNU Student Ambassador is an elite position awarded to students qualified to represent Korea’s leading educational institute in today’s global community. The SNU Student Ambassador program provides exceptional SNU students with opportunities to actively participate in international affairs of the University and take on various roles to promote and raise positive awareness of the University. They carry the voice of the university at international events and conferences. Our visiting VIP guests will gain their first impression of the university through our Student Ambassadors. Student Ambassadors are also knowledgeable on current campus events, news and issues, and any information required to represent the University well. As representatives ofthe University, SNU Student Ambassadors must embody the spirit and values of SNU. In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, Student Ambassadors must participate in various training programs, designed to skills in leadership, public relations, interpersonal communication, presentation and professional etiquette, in order to ensure that each member successfully fulfills his/her duties as a Student Ambassador.

  • Globalization

    Accelerating the globalization of SNU & KOREA

  • Professionalism

    Developing professional communication skills for future activities

  • Passion

    Having passion for development of SSA

  • Integrity

    Creating synergy through collaboration

  • Global Leadership

    Developing global leadership