Ways to SNU

Public Transportation

Seoul city has a very organized public transportation system and you may come and visit Seoul National University easily by using the bus and subway.

When using the subway to visit Seoul National University, make sure to take Subway Line No. 2(Green Line) and stop either at the Seoul National University Entrance Station, the Naksungdae Station, or the Shillim Station.

Subway Line No. 2 (Green Line), Seoul National University Entrance Station (Exit No. 3)
Even though Seoul National University is near the entrance station, it is not within the walking distance. You will need to take a bus or a taxi to get the university. Be sure not to confuse the Seoul National University Entrance Station with the Seoul National University of Education/Court or Prosecutor’s Office Station.

After exiting exit no.3, walk towards the Gwanak-gu Office. There you will find the school shuttle bus and also a regular bus that comes to SNU. The campus shuttles are free of charge. The operation and interval of the buses differ during vacation time and semesters, but is usually in the range of every 5 to 20 minutes. Buses number 5511 and 5513 circulate the campus counter-clockwise, from the university’s main entrance to the Administration Building.

Campus Shuttles

Seoul National University provides free shuttle buses for the convenience of its students at Gwanak Campus. There are four types: Off-Campus Shuttle Bus, On-Campus Circulation Shuttle Bus, Library Shuttle Bus, and shuttle buses for students with disabilities.

Parking on Campus

Parking Booths
Visitors with vehicles must obtain parking tickets from booth A, B or C entering the campus, and should pay the parking fee on their way out.

Ways to SNU-1

– Visitor’s Parking Fee
The parking rate is 1,500 won for the first 30 minutes and 300 won for every additional 10 minutes.
A flat rate for one-day parking (24 hours) is 40,000 won.
A 50% discount rate is applied to vehicles under 500cc.
Vehicles entering and exiting through the same gate within 15 minutes are exempted from the charge.

– Parking Privileges
Vehicles attending official events held by the University are exempted from the charge.
The attendees of conferences, seminars or academic meetings may get a discount parking ticket purchased and distributed in advance by the holder of the events.
Vehicles carrying a disabled person are at all times exempted from the charge.

– Parking Fee Exemption
Parking fees are not charged for the following vehicles driving onto the campus grounds.
Public transportation including taxis.
Public vehicles for mail delivery, garbage collection, etc.
Vehicles being used for construction work on campus

– Discount Parking Tickets
Discount parking tickets can be given to visitors coming to attend events, seminars, conferences, etc. held on campus
They must be purchased in advance by the holder of the event and distributed to visitors with an application and the schedule/brochure of the event.
Individual purchases are permitted for those who are visiting construction sites, coming to perform repair work or to distribute supplies, or attending wedding ceremonies held on campus.
Discount tickets can be purchased at the Parking Management Office at Building #67, Room #103. (Tel. 02-880-8120)
Price of Discount Parking Tickets
4 hour free ticket: 1,000 won
8 hour free ticket: 2,000 won
12 hour free ticket: 3,000 won
All day free ticket: 4,000 won
– Long-Term Parking Permit
The parking rate with long-term parking permissions is 10,000 KRW per month.
The long-term parking permit for 6 months is available for restricted to the members of SNU community as follows:
Faculty members (both full-time and part-time)
Graduate students in doctoral programs
University personnel
Parking Mangement Office
Tel. 82-2-880-8120
Location Building #67, Room #103
The Parking Management Office is in charge of selling discounted parking tickets, providing long-term parking permit, and others.

From the Airport

– From the Airport
The ‘Limousine bus’ is a convenient and inexpensive way to get to SNU Gwanak Campus from Incheon International Airport. Take airport limousine bus number 6017 or 6003. The bus 6017 comes directly from Incheon to SNU rear gate (Hoam Faculty House) within 70 minutes. The bus 6003 comes to SNU main gate via Gimpo Airport, and it takes 110 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Service is available everyday from early morning to night time at Incheon International Airport with no charge for the baggage.

The taxi fare for coming to SNU Gwanak campus from Incheon International Airport is around 60,000 won depending on the traffic situation. By Deluxe Taxi (Mobeom Taxi), which offers kinder service, the approximate fare is 80,000 won.