Information of Cafeteria/Souvenir

Cafeterias and Snack Bars
On-campus cafeterias mainly offer Korean cuisine, costing 1,700~10,000 KRW per
meal. The menu includes noodles or rice and soup with 3~4 side dishes (Kimchi is
usually one of these side dishes). Occasionally, western-style food is available.

Tips for Vegetarians
Korean cuisine is generally thought of as quite healthy with vegetables abundant in every
meal. However, since Koreans maintain a balance between vegetables and meat in their
meals, almost every dish also has meat, fish, shellfish or other kinds of animal-derived
ingredients. Even foods which don’t noticeably contain meat often contain ingredient
such as beef powder or fish sauce, including Korea’s culinary claim-to-fame: Kimchi. This
can make it very difficult for strict vegetarians and vegans. At the moment, vegetarians are
a minor group in Korea.
However, with the growing health concerns and animal rights movements, vegetarian
restaurants are becoming increasingly popular. Currently, a vegetarian buffet is operating
at Building no. 101.

Restaurants on Gwanak Campus
Adjusting to unfamiliar food can be difficult and may make you feel homesick. To help
you during these times, SNU provides an array of restaurants on campus to suit various
tastes. The Hoam Faculty House has a restaurant run by a hotel, which provides high
quality, western-style meals. If you are in the mood for Japanese food, you can go
to the 3rd floor of the Dongwon House to enjoy dishes like sushi, noodles and fried
vegetables. If you would prefer a healthier meal, try visiting “Bibigo”, a restaurant
located in Bldg. 501 and try out their Bibimbap (mixed vegetables on rice).