What is SSA?

– SNU Student Ambassadors (SSA) is an official student organization under the Office of International Affairs (OIA) whose goal is to serve as a bridge between local SNU students and international students and to aid foreign dignitaries and guests who visit SNU. We manage a wide range of activities from providing protocol and campus tour services for guests to organizing events that foreign and local students in SNU can join and get socially engaged. SNU Student Ambassador is an elite position awarded to undergraduate students qualified to represent SNU, equipped with a comprehensive understanding of SNU, communication skills, and professional etiquette. With an assistance of SSA, visitors will be able to understand the essence of Seoul National University, Korea’s leading educational institute in today’s global community.

What is a Campus Tour?

– A campus tour is one of the services officially provided by SSA for guests visiting SNU. It is different from conventional guided tours, since the campus tour focuses on educational purposes, not on entertainment, nor on tourism. With detailed explanations and assistances provided by SSA, guests will visit important spots of SNU during the campus tour, relishing a valuable opportunity to gain up-to-date information about SNU and take a look at campus life at SNU. Information on specific campus tour routes is presented in the other section of this website.

By when can visitors sign up for a campus tour?

– If you want a campus tour, please register 1 week prior to the day of visit. Since our campus tour is based on the volunteering system of ambassadors, it requires time to be arranged. Therefore, please understand that if you sign up for the tour too late, you might not be able to participate in the campus tour offered by SSA.

How can visitors register for a campus tour?

– On this website, there is an online document through which you can sign up for a campus tour. Please fill out all the blanks provided and also write down any specific requests if you have special needs.
After we check your request, we will contact you directly and finally confirm the date and time schedule.

What if visitors want to visit specific places other than the places arranged in the tour? (Example: Kyujanggak, University Museum)

-In that case, please inform us of your specified needs when you register campus tour and we will try to cater to your needs as best as we can. Please consider, however, that there is a possibility you might not be able to look around all the main spots in the tour since we have time and special constraint.

If there are changes to visitor’s schedule, how can they change or cancel campus tour schedule?

– If you have changes to your schedule or if you have to cancel our tour, please let us know at least one day before the designated date. Then we will try to accommodate your needs as best as we can. Please be sure that on the tour day, if you are late for more than 15 minutes without any notice, we will regard that you don’t want our tour and it will be canceled.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can take the campus tour at the same time?

– We don’t set a limit on the exact number of visitors in principle. But please consider as we have a limited number of Student Ambassadors who can guide campus tours, so there might be a limit to the number of people who can take the campus tour at a time. If one is visiting with a large group, depending on the number of ambassadors who are available, campus tours may be provided by dividing the group into smaller groups. Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding this issue, and we will try our best to accommodate your group.

Are campus tours available on weekends, public holidays, and periods during which university students are on vacation?

– Although SSA campus tours are regularly available during weekdays of the college semester, we are able to provide campus tours during weekends, public holidays, and vacation periods under special circumstances. As our Student Ambassadors are not only Ambassadors but also full-time students at Seoul National University, campus tours outside of our regular tour times may be provided ONLY IF there are Student Ambassadors who are available and willing to guide the tours at the given time. Please understand that this option may or may not be available depending on the Student Ambassadors availability and circumstances. Please do contact us if you have any further questions related to campus tours outside of our regular campus tour times, and we will try our best to accommodate your group.

Are there any preparation needed for visitors before participate in the campus tour?

– Since most of the campus tours are composed of walking, visitors should be aware it might be difficult. Walking campus can be tough for kids or handicapped so in that case, some facilities are restricted for visit. It will be helpful to arrange route for campus tour if visitors notice if there is any problem with an-hour-consuming tour to SSA members. Other than that, all you need is passion for our campus tour. You can get lots of information about our campus and facilities from SSA members so feel free to ask questions.

How does a campus tour run?

– Before the day of a campus tour, we will inform you about the place to meet on the day of visit. Usually the tour starts near to the CJ International Center (Building #152), which is the main building for Office of International Affairs (OIA). If you have trouble coming to the place of the pre-arranged meeting location, feel free to call us for help. Then, student ambassadors who will be waiting for you at the pre-arranged meeting location, will redirect you to the meeting location. If you would like to have a meal during the campus tour, please inform us beforehand by writing it down in the special request section in the campus tour request form.

What happens if it rains during the campus tour?

– If it rains a little, some locations can be excluded from the campus tour routine, but other than that, campus tour would be conducted in a normal way. In the case of heavy rain, SSA will provide presentation explaining our campus and have time for networking indoor.

Are there campus tour services in other languages other than English?

– Most campus tour services are provided in English. But as there are many clients from various different countries, SSA is trying to introduce our campus in a variety of languages. Therefore, we try to provide service also in other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and so forth, depending on which languages student ambassadors can speak. If you only notify us of that you want services in a certain language, we will make effort to provide as much we can.

How long does the campus tour usually take?

– Most of the campus tours usually take about 1-1.5 hour. However, our tour course is quite flexible that for the most of the time it can be altered to meet the schedule of the visitors.

What should the visitors do if they cannot arrive on time?

– Once the appointment for campus tour is made, SSA provides the contact information of our protocol manager. In case the visitors cannot arrive at our campus on time, they should contact us in advance and let us know about it.

Will there be any costs during the campus tour?

– The campus tour that SSA provides is free of charge. However, entrance fees are required if the visitors wish to visit the SNU museum or the art museum MOA. The entrance fee for the art museum is 3,000 won. Also the visitors have to pay for the souvenirs they purchase in case they stop by the gift shop.

Are there any other ways of touring the campus besides walking?

– Only tour routes based on walking are officially available but if we get advanced request such as touring by buses, we will put into consideration.

What can visitors do if they want to keep in touch with SSA members after the campus tour?

– Visitors can get contact information of SSA members on SSA website. And also all SSA members have their own business card which contains their email address and cell phone number. So if you want to keep in touch personally with us, let us know since all SSA members might be willing to accept it with great pleasure.

Are there dining facilities on campus that visitors can use?

– There are 18 dining facilities on our campus, and they are open for everyone. Those facilities are 301 building diner, 302 building diner, student union diner, dormitory diner, Dongwon gwan diner, Jaha yeon diner, Gamgol diner, 220 building diner, Professor hall diner, Bibigo diner,College of engineering’ snack bar, Pinery Snack bar, Lounge’O restaurant, the 3rd diner, the 4th diner, Sodammaru diner, Sanga hall diner, Duraemidam diner. Also, there are fast food restaurant on our campus, BBQ and Popeyes.

Does guest have to apply or be permitted to visit SNU individually?

-No, anyone can visit SNU campus freely. SNU is always open to everyone.

How can one purchase souvenirs from SNU?

– Visitors can visit SNU gift shop located in the student union center and purchase various types of souvenirs such as T-shirts, jackets, notebooks, pens, etc. If you want to visit SNU gift shop during the campus tour, please let us know in advance so that we can adjust the tour route.

Is there any other program except a general campus tour? What can I do if I want for exchange programs which are more intellectually and emotionally deeper than just doing campus tour together?

– SSA is providing for networking services along with campus tour services. Networking services are for anyone who wants deeper exchange about specific topics with students in SSA who are the representatives of SNU. It is a small-sized seminar where registered clients and SSA students exchange their own views in a seminar room about the topics you suggest beforehand. To register for networking services, notify us about your intention to network with us, and the topics you would like to discuss in the specific requests section of our campus site.

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